HOA Focus

Comprehensive Legal Services for Community Associations



From interpreting or redrafting governing documents to enforcement and governance, Kimble Law will help your homeowners association operate more effectively and legally.


We help HOA boards of all types (condominiums, planned unit developments, and other common interest communities) with all of the issues a board faces. 


We help developers ensure a proper legal foundation is laid for successful relationships with the homeowners association and property owners.


We draft CC&Rs (declaration), bylaws, and articles of incorporation carefully tailored to your community to establish the freedom, authority and rights necessary to effectively develop and market the community. 

Real Estate

We provide transactional services relating to acquiring, developing, owning, selling and financing real estate.

"Mr. Kimble just revised our Association CC&R' s and Bylaws and the finished product is outstanding. Highly recommend him if your governing documents need revising or updating with all the new Utah laws."

      Colonel N. B. Mc Crary